UNICEF Paid Internship Opportunities (April 2024), Requirements, Benefits

UNICEF with relentless effort puts in their best in reaching out to disadvantaged children and even adolescents. The aim is to ensure that the right of every child is uphold across the globe. Part of the support offered by UNICEF includes nutrition, safe water and sanitation, qualitative education etc.

Have you always wished to work in the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) as an intern? Great the opporunities are currently open as UNICEF seeks to provide value to students, young professionals and recent graduates through practical experience in international development.

Why work as Intern at UNICEF?

There are numerous reasons or say benefits why you should participate in the offered paid internship program by UNICEF. Some of the core advantages you will have includes, real-time experience in a global organization, networking opporunities as you get predisposed to experts of divers discipline.

Contribution to Impact: Through the execution of delegated responsibilities in UNICEF, you’re adding your quota to changing the lives of children worldwide.

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Global Experience: UNICEF contains multi culture and functions is approximately one hundred and ninety (190) countries. Throughout your stay here, you will understand what it means to work in a diver cultural setting while experiencing global uniqueness.

Professional Development: Through training programs, workshops usually conducted by UNICEF, you get to gain more professional exposure which will in return advance your career.

Financial Inclusion: The internship program offered by UNICEF comes with stipends which is basically suitable depending on your preferred position.

UNICEF Internship Requirements

There are perquisites which you must attending to become eligible for this program. This include being at least 18 years or more, graduated or currently doing a program in a university or college, be able to express self in English, French or Spanish, be ICT inclined, strong motivational attitude and willing to adhere to existing ethics.

How to Apply

Locate internship opportunities: Go to UNICEF career website and navigate to internship page to check for opportunities.

Understand the Process: Get acquainted with the application process by reading carefully the qualifications and skills needed for each internship.

Submit Application: Select apply now and then follow through the guidelines provided.

Make Your Application Strong: Channel your application profile to fit specific qualification, assessment and other criteria for the internship position you want.

Prepare for Interview: When the duration given elapse, the human resource department will review submitted applications and then contact shortlisted candidates for interview.

At your end, get all the relevant knowledge necessary like reading more about UNICEF and her projects.

Very importantly, understand that the application process may take different shape and process depending on the internship or location. However ensure you follow the instructions for career website.

Get your journey to endless opportunities started today by applying for UNICEF internship today!

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