Best Recruitment Agencies in Kenya For Jobs Abroad 2024

Is it that difficult to spot the best recruitment agencies in Kenya for jobs abroad 2024? Well, it seems like it is the height of the case. Undoubtedly, the unemployment rate in Kenya has risen drastically in the past few years, even traumatizing experts with the necessary papers worthwhile to get satisfying jobs.

Many have been driven into a whole lot due to hunger and it does not seem to look good, and a lot have considered their chances outside Kenya.

However, it might be the same case you are facing in Kenya if you are considering moving abroad for greener pastures without requesting the help of the best recruitment agencies in Kenya for jobs abroad.

You might even need one agent to help you secure a job abroad.

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So, since landing abroad jobs these days needs somewhat of a connection, you need this guide to connect you to the best recruitment agencies in Kenya for jobs abroad.

Best Recruitment Agencies In Kenya For Jobs Abroad

From here, I will share with you the best recruitment agencies in Kenya for jobs abroad which will get you to land your dream job outside Kenya without many downs.

1. AL Jamana Agency Limited 

  • Location: New Gatakaini Building, 5th Floor, Nairobi.
  • Contact: 0728 750 075, 0708 993 333.

AL Jamana Agency Limited is an approved and certified private job employment agency firm in Kenya. The company is registered under the Kenyan government, and it can be your gateway to securing your career outside Kenya.

The agency firm does its things in standard manners, so it is a professional company.

2. Elmerry International Connections Ltd 

  • Location: Uniafric House, Koinange Street, Nairobi.
  • Contact: 0716 480 702, 0721 264 048.

Either way, you have heard of Elmerry International Connections Ltd somewhere on the internet or maybe from someone.

Since its establishment, Elmerry has established job opportunities for building & construction workers, hotel & hospital workers, truck drivers, teachers, nannies, office workers, security guards, and others.

It has been changing lives since it was established as a recruitment company.

3. First Choice Recruitment & Consultancy 

  • Location: City Plaza, 3rd Floor, Eldoret.
  • Contact: 0790 196 492.

This recruitment company works with a foreign firm to lend Kenyans the opportunities to live their dream lives.

Well, not just about securing a job outside Kenya, but First Choice Recruitment & Consultancy offers remarkable assistance to qualified Kenyans interested in studying, living, and working abroad.

Their services are considered “Life Changing Opportunities.”

4. Forbes Global 

  • Location: Kenya
  • Contact: 0769 133 837, 0713 089 553.

Tied as one of the best recruitment agencies in Kenya for jobs abroad is Forbes Global.

The company has partnership and collaboration deals with job providers in the Middle East, and the precise locations of these job providers are Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Afghanistan, UAE, Lebanon, Qatar, and Kuwait.

5. FSI Worldwide Kenya 

Location: CB2 Blixen Court, Lower Plains Road, Off Karen Road.

Contact: 0713 080 980.

FSI Worldwide Kenya is older than certain recruitment firms in Kenya. The company was established in 2006, and since then, it has been delivering clients with outstanding performances.

Due to its consistency and professionalism, it has received the necessary accolades for being the best.

6. Gulf Manpower Recruiting Agency

Location: 3rd Floor, Watersy Annex, Opposite Jamia Mall, Nairobi.

Contact: 0722 304 787, 0774 052 398.

Gulf Manpower Recruiting Agency is a straightforward firm that you will love to work with, and ways are understood.

It is currently the leading recruitment program in the East African region, bringing about significant changes in people’s lives.

Its employment is significant with development opportunities which ease various companies abroad the stress of searching for eligible workers.

7. Harper’s Management Ltd 

  • Location: Rehema Place, Apartment D22, Ngong Road.
  • Contact: 0724 843 404.

Harper’s Management Ltd is undoubtedly one of the prominent recruitment firms registered in Kenya.

From its start, it built its reputation as a professional resourceful agency company which creates the opportunity for employers outside Kenya and qualified Kenyans to try new things out.

8. Nammy International Travel 

  • Location: Wing A3 5th Floor, Corner House, Kimathi Street, Nairobi.
  • Contact: 0715 577 755, 0723 719 101.

Other than being a recruitment company, Nammy’s growth as an administration, human resources, and agency in Kenya is advancing, and that makes it promising.

This recruitment agency auditorium is located in Kimathi Street, Nairobi. I can not rate them less, they offer worthwhile agency services.

9. Plan Manpower Ltd 

Location: Development House, 2nd Floor, Room 22, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0722 423 275, 0719 510 505.

Plan Manpower Ltd is one of the best recruitment agencies in Kenya for jobs abroad.

For foreign companies that need recruitment, the Kenyan recruitment firm provides the best candidates for the fitting roles. 

10. Shanawa International Agency 

Location: Twiga Towers, Murang’a Road, Nairobi.

Contact: 0721 251 609.

Shanawa International Agency is already considered an international firm since it connects firms outside Kenya with the Kenyans.

It has been reliable for years, and it looks like it will maintain its reputation.


There are wholesome recruitment agencies registered in Kenya to help Kenyans establish their international careers. Well, it should not be difficult for you to secure an international job from here since you have gone through this guide.

However, if you have further questions concerning the best recruitment agencies in Kenya for jobs abroad, I would love to know about them in the comment section.

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