Central Bank of Kenya Jobs 2024 | CBK Recruitment Portal

The management of Central Bank of Kenya has announced the commencement of CBK recruitment 2024 and hereby invites application from interested persons via their online career portal.

If you’re a graduate of banking and finance or any related academic discipline that is result oriented and ready to elevate your career, then Central Bank of Kenya recruitment is for you.

This article will guideline you through the recruitment process by breaking down every complexity into simple steps. Not just that, open vacancies, requirements, commencement date and even deadline for submission is also available here.

One thing you should note is that CBK recruitment form is open to all interested candidates from Kenya irrespective of county or sub-county but the question is, would everyone truly apply? You will find out what actually makes you eligible to apply for jobs at Central Bank.

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Central Bank of Kenya Jobs 2024

There are about 30 job opportunities in the Central bank which you can apply for, but very quickly we wish to highlight some key factors that are responsible to either your success if adhere to or failure if neglected. Try as much as you can to take them seriously.

In as much as CBK job application form is free and open to all qualified candidates, no applicant is permitted to apply for more than one positions as that would attract a penalty of disqualification.

If you face network challenge while filling the online application form, it is advisable to suspend the process and resume once network is in a better state. This is to help avoid false submission.

All the certificates and other supporting documents that you will be uploading during application should be in consonance with the specified file type and size. Scan and upload mainly the original of your credentials.

Forgery at any point will attract legal action and disqualification off the process. Paying anyone to gain favouritism in CBK recruitment process will not help you and would attract penalty if caught.

Is CBK Recruitment Form 2024 Out?

It is the right thing to do, if you’re trying to ascertain if actually the Central Bank of Kenya recruitment has started. Yes, CBK recruitment form is out and the application portal www.centralbank.go.ke is currently active as applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates.

The Central Bank of Kenya has made is know that both the recruitment and internship application form is free of charge as it is readily available on the recruitment portal www.centralbank.go.ke.

CBK Job Vacancies May 2024

As of the time of this publication, below are the vacancies in Central Bank of Kenya that mandated this recruitment exercise. Go through them and then decide on the position you’d like to apply.

  • Clinical Officer for Deputy Manager
  • Laboratory Technician for Senior Business Analyst
  • Nursing Officer for Senior Business Analyst
  • Manage, Security Systems
  • Photographer (Senior Business Analyst 2)
  • Designer (Business Analyst 2)
  • Nursing Officer (Senior Business Analyst 2)
  • Laboratory Technician (Senior Business Analyst 2)
  • Clinical Officer (Deputy Manager)
  • Legal Services Internship
  • Communications Internship
  • Human Resources Internship
  • Banking and Payment Services Internship
  • Research Internship
  • Finance Internship
  • Chairperson
  • Governor
  • Deputy Governor
  • Head, Financial Sector
  • Senior Manager, External Sector
  • Senior Manager, Statistics and Library Services
  • Senior Manager, Financial Sector

Clinical Officer for Deputy Manager

The person occupying this position prior to his or her expertise will diagnosis, manage and possible prevent disease breakout.

Requirements needed are; First degree in Clinical Medicine or equivalent qualification. Candidates applying must be registered with Clinical Officers Council of Kenya and must possess a valid license to practice.

Having a reasonable years of experience as related to this role is an added advantage.

Laboratory Technician for Senior Business Analyst

You will be mandated to conduct lab test to ensure that health equipment and other safety measures are put in place at all for general compliance with health safety standards.

Key qualifications required are; First degree in Medical Laboratory Science or related qualification. Candidate must have registered with KMLTTB and have a valid practicing license.

Nursing Officer for Senior Business Analyst

The nursing office will be the one to provide quality patient care in the bank’s staff clinic to other to ensure general wellbeing.

A diploma in relevant nursing course is accepted, been a registered and active member of Nursing Council of Kenya is mandatory same as having a license.

Manager, Security Systems

Everything relating to the banking system security will be under your care. To get this role, you must have a degree in Security systems or equivalent qualification and must as well have a disciplined service training. A minimum of five (5) years relevant work experience is needed for this post.

CBK Recruitment Process

As you know, there are certain stages that forms a whole called Central Bank of Kenya recruitment therefore it is pertinent that you get acquainted with these process.

Vacancy Announcement: I would like to call this, the pre-stage of the actual recruitment exercise. It involves the Central Bank ascertaining that there are vacant positions and then publish a job advert calling on suitably qualified persons to apply for these jobs.

Declaration of Interest through Application: At your end now, you have to reciprocate the initial prompt by visiting CBK recruitment portal to explore job vacancies and then submit application following the guidelines provided there.

Shortlisting of Successful Applicants: When the set deadline has expired, the management of Central Bank of Kenya will then review submitted applications and thereafter publish names of applicants who satisfied their requirements.

Screening and Interview: Shortlisted candidates of the application stage will then be invited for interview and screening of relevant credentials.

Employment of Qualified Candidates: This is the final stage as candidates who succeed in the interview and screening stage would then be offered appointment for vacancies in the bank.

Qualifications and Competence Required

Those applying for internship positions must have a degree from a recognized institution in discipline such as Finance, Economics, Statistics, Banking, Account etc.

Age should be between 21 and 29 years. You must have graduated with the last twenty four (24) months, you will provide a reference letter from your school and must not be a beneficiary of any other internship program.

Those applying for staff position must have a degree as well or even Master’s degree in relevant academic pursuit.

Having at least five (5) years of working experience would be an added advantage. Same goes to applicants who possess ICT skill, good interpersonal skill, verbal and written communication skill etc.

CBK Career Portal Login

CBK career portal login which also serves as the recruitment portal is www.centralbank.go.ke/cbkcareers or www.careers.centralbank.go.ke. This is the official portal to apply for jobs following the guidelines below.

CBK Recruitment Application Steps

Kick off by visiting CBK job portal www.careers.centralbank.go.ke, create an account by clicking the “register button” at the top right of your screen.

Enter your name, email address and desired password in the spaces provided. After that, check the terms and privacy box and click create account. Return to the recruitment portal www.careers.centralbank.go.ke, click “login” at the same point you had register.

On your dashboard, enter your bio data information and update your profile, upload relevant certificates and other documents, select the position you wish to apply for, review your application and then submit.

Deadline for Submission

For the current job openings, applications are to be submitted on or before Monday, 27th May 2024. It has been established that candidates who do not complete their application by the set deadline will be disqualified.


As part of CBK recruitment process, shortlisting of successful candidates is inevitable. Prior to this, it takes about two (2) weeks after the closure of recruitment portal for names of successful applicants to be published. You can know more by reading about CBK shortlisted candidates.

The Central Bank of Kenya, CBK recruitment application is quite a simple process if you carefully follow through the guidelines provided in this article. If you have any question or face a challenge while applying kindly let us know in the comment section.

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