Garissa County Shortlisted Candidates 2024 PDF is Officially Out

The wait is over as Garissa County shortlisted candidates 2024 for the recent recruitment is officially out. The names have been compiled as PDF and uploaded to the county’s official website and job portal.

Therefore, if you participated in Garissa recruitment exercise by successfully submitting application, carefully read through this article as we explain to you the easy steps on how to download and check the shortlist.

Seeing your name among Garissa County shortlisted candidates is not by luck, it’s simply an indication of the fact that you adhere to the application instructions and job requirements.

We have made it clearly by identifying the selection criteria used for shortlist applicants into the Public Service and County Assembly Board.

Is Garissa County Shortlist 2024 Out?

Yes, Garissa County shortlisted candidates 2024 is out. The PDF containing list of successful applicants has officially been released. Persons who applied for the county government vacancies are advised to confirm their status by checking the shortlist.

One of the primary ways to know you’ve been shortlisted without stress by getting either an SMS or email notification from Garissa Public Service Board about your enlistment.

Possible, the notification may not go round to all shortlisted candidates there the surest way to ascertain you’ve been shortlisted is by checking the PDF shortlist.

Before now, we have received questions from candidates who have been awaiting the release of this shortlist. The FAQs includes:-

  • When will Garissa County shortlist?
  • How do I check Garissa County shortlisted candidates?
  • Is the PDF of Garissa Public Service shortlist out?
  • Where can I download Garissa Shortlist online?

Fundamentally, you can simply download the complete list of Garissa County shortlisted applicants PDF online by visiting Have we explain how to go about the checking process.

Garissa County Selection Criteria

To get shortlisted for screening, here’s the eligibility criteria responsible.

  • Only those who submitted application before the stipulated deadline shall be considered.
  • Entries made with forgery of documents or false information will automatically get disqualified.
  • Applying for multiple positions is prohibited.
  • Candidates must have the requirements of chapter six (6) of the constitution.

How to Check Garissa County Shortlist PDF

  • Go to the county’s official website
  • Select jobs & careers under resources on the menu
  • Scroll down the page to locate shortlisted applicants
  • Click on the download link to get the PDF
  • Open the file and search for your name or National ID

Garissa County Interview Schedule

Garissa County interview screening is holding at the Public Service Board office from Wednesday, 28th February to Saturday, 9th March, 2024 at 9am – 5pm daily.

Candidates are required to carry originals and certified copies of their National ID card/passport, academic and professional certificates together with membership to professional association (s) and valid practice license where applicable.

The following documents are required for purposes of complying with the provisions of Chapter Six of the constitution of Kenya 2010.

Tax Compliance Certificate, HELB Clearance or Compliance Certificate, Police clearance Certificate (Certificate of Good conduct), CRB clearance Certificate and Self-Declaration from EACC etc.

List of Garissa County Shortlisted Candidates 2024

  1. Abdinoor Mohammed Mohamud (M)
  2. Sirajrahman Yunis Mahat (M)
  3. Abdifatah Alu Ulow (M)
  4. Rashid Mohaed Farah (M)
  5. Mohamed Yarrow Aress (M)
  6. Mohamed Hussein Muhumed
  7. Farhya Abdi Sitar Sheikh (M)
  8. Harima Abdi GUre (M)
  9. Farhiya Ismail Omar (M)
  10. Abdalla Masoud Ahmed (F)
  11. Harun Mohamed Aden (M)
  12. Joseph Juma Opiyo (M)
  13. Leila Osman Ahmed (F)
  14. Abdullahi Nadif Gedi (M)
  15. Abdisalam Ahmed Muthow (M)
  16. Abdi Ibrahim Hussein (M)
  17. Anthony Njoroge Ngugi (M)
  18. Khatra Mohamed Duale (F)

How to Best Prepare for Interview

Start now to prepare for the upcoming interview screening by:

  • Assembling both originals and photocopies of your academic and professional certifications into different envelopes or folders.
  • Print out your acknowledgement slip (if any).
  • Make more research about the interview screening and off course study relevant material like current affairs.
  • Ensure you note your screening venue on time and report quite earlier than schedule. An hour would be better.
  • Be well articulated, dressed and confident.

With these tips, you can easily ace the interview test. Congratulations to all shortlisted candidates.

These are the necessary things you should note about Garissa County shortlisted candidates and interview screening 2024. Is there anything you don’t understand? Let’s hear you in the comment section below.

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