Laikipia County Recruitment 2024/2025 Jobs Application Guide

Laikipia County Recruitment 2024/2025 job application guide, Laikipia County Jobs October, requirements for employment, educational qualification, steps to apply and even closing date are the key focus of this article.

You are likely to secure a job, be it part-time or full-time if you look up Laikipia County recruitment, and I will show you how to do it right away in this guide.

Kenyans in the said region are lucky when it comes to securing job opportunities from private and public sectors even though it might not be their dream jobs, some of those jobs’ payable figures are equal to their dream jobs’ payable figures or more than.

However, not staying in Laikipia does not mean you do not have any chance against securing Laikipia County Recruitment jobs, of course, you do if you follow this guide.

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So, I will share everything you need to know concerning Laikipia County Recruitment.

Laikipia County Recruitment 2024

Tons of legal jobs are paying well in Laikipia County Recruitment that fit your profession.

You see, Laikipia County is one of the 14 counties within the Rift Valley region and one of the 47 counties in the Republic of Kenya with a plethora of job opportunities for individuals with high-level skills.

However, later on in this guide, I will explore the type of recruitment jobs that you should expect and find in Laikipia County in Kenya.

I guess you would love to apply for:

Laikipia County Job Vacancies 2024

As I stated earlier, there are a plethora of recruitment jobs that you can find in Laikipia County and with your exceptional skills, you stand a chance of securing the right opportunity.

Some of the common jobs you will likely find in Laikipia County are:

1. ICT Related Jobs

ICT-related job opportunities are all over Laikipia County, and you can secure one if you have the required skills such as having a tech intellect. Some of the roles in this field include; ICT officer, web developer, cybersecurity, technical writer, computer engineer, software developer, and others.

2. Public Communication Jobs

See it the way you see, it does not firmly count as Public Communication jobs are unique and valued. Although this job type comes with a lot of responsibilities, the pay continually makes it look easy and enjoyable.

3. Architect

Building and construction jobs are prominent in Laikipia County and individuals are making a plethora of money from the opportunity. You should try it out if you have the required skills.

4. Medical Personnel 

Jobs such as Medical Personnel require a high skill with degrees obtained from recognized institutions. These jobs are paying well in the concerned part of Kenya, and I recommend it if you have the skills and requirements.

Laikipia County Public Service Jobs 2024

Talking about Laikipia County recruitment, here are job vacancies in the Public Service Board which you can apply.

  • Senior Deputy Director of Medical Services
  • Assistant Director of Medical services
  • Senior Assistant Director of Dental Services/Dental
  • Specialist 1
  • Senior Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical
  • Services/Chief Pharmaceutical Specialist
  • Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical Services/Senior
  • Pharmaceutical Specialist
  • Senior Assistant Director of Phamaceutical
  • Services/Phamaceutical Specialist I
  • Assistant Director of Phamaceutical
  • Services/Phamaceutical Specialist II
  • Chief Clinical Officer
  • Principal Registered Clinical Officers 1
  • Principal Registered Clinical Officer II
  • Principal Registered Clinical Officer II- Anaesthetist
  • Chief Registered Clinical Officer
  • Senior Registered Clinical Officer
  • Senior Registered Clinical Officer-Anaesthetist
  • Registered Clinical Officer 1- Anaesthetist
  • Registered Clinical Officer 1
  • Assistant Director, Nursing Services
  • Principal Nursing Officer
  • Chief Nursing Officer
  • Senior Principal Registered Nurse
  • Principal Registered Nurse
  • Chief Registered Nurse
  • Senior Registered Nurse
  • Registered Nurse 1
  • Senior Enrolled Nurse I
  • Senior Enrolled Nurse 11
  • Enrolled Nurse 1
  • Dental Technologist 1
  • Radiographer 1
  • Principal Assistant Public Health Officer
  • Chief Assistant Public Health Officer
  • Senior Assistant Public Health Officer
  • Assistant Public Health Officer 1
  • Senior Public Health Assistant
  • Public Health Assistant 1
  • Chief Medical Laboratory Officer
  • Principal Medical Laboratory Technologist 11
  • Chief Medical Laboratory Technologist
  • Medical Laboratory Technologist 1
  • Senior Medical Laboratory Technician 1
  • Senior Principal Pharmaceutical Technologist
  • Pharmaceutical Technologist 1
  • Assistant Health Records and Information
  • Management Officer 1
  • Health Records and Information Management
  • Assistant 1
  • Principal Nutrition and Dietetics Technologist
  • Chief Nutrition and Dietetics Technologist
  • Senior Nutrition and Dietetics Technologist
  • Nutrition and Dietetics Technologist 1
  • Principal Orthopaedic Technologist
  • Senior Principal Medical Engineering Technologist
  • Medical Social Worker I
  • Community Health Assistant I
  • Mortuary Attendant
  • Assistant Director Administration Services
  • Senior Human Resource Management Officer
  • Chief Accountant
  • Senior Accountant
  • Principal Driver
  • Senior Driver
  • Chief Clerical Officer
  • Senior Reception Assistant II
  • Senior Telephone Supervisor
  • Supply Chain Management Assistant I
  • Registry Officer

How Much Does Laikipia County Recruitment Pay?

Laikipia County Recruitment jobs pay high figures of amount depending on the role you are applying for. For an Advisory Committee who is considered an entry-level worker, he/she could earn up to 100 – 200k. However, every job comes with different responsibilities and also differs in their pay. Laikipia County Job Application Form 

To access Laikipia County recruitment job application form, you have to visit then navigate to vacancies on the menu bar.

Requirements To Get Laikipia County Recruitment Jobs

Before proceeding to apply for Laikipia County recruitment, you first need to;

  • Possess a degree from a recognized university in any field that is relevant to the operations of the County Government.
  • Have at least 5 years’ experience.
  • You must not be a past or present employee of the County Government of Laikipia, and shall not have served as an employee or agent of a business organization which has carried out any business with the County Government of Laikipia in the last two years.
  • You must have a good understanding of County Government operations, financial reporting or auditing.
  • You must have a good understanding of the objects, principles and functions of the County Government.
  • You must be a highly respectable and experienced person, who possesses strong interpersonal skills.
  • You must be a person with excellent working knowledge of the applicable role.
  • You must have clearance from DCI, Credit Reference Bureau, Higher Education Loans Board, Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.
  • You must have a tax Compliance from the Kenya Revenue Authority.

How to Apply

After gathering the required items, you will have to apply for the role you have an eye for at Laikipia County Public Service Board, and you can do this by going through the job opportunity website, entering your details, submitting the required documents, and submitting your application form.

Laikipia County Recruitment Deadline 2024

The closing date or call it application deadline for Laikipia County recruitment exercise for Public Service Board is 5th May, 2024. Ensure you submit your form on or before the stipulated deadline to avoid disqualification.


There are tons of job opportunities from Laikipia County Public Service Board for you If you are interested. I have already shared some of the current roles, the requirements, and how you can apply for a role.

However, if you have another pressing question concerning Laikipia County recruitment, I would be glad to help out in the comment section.

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