Safaricom Part Time Jobs for Students 2024/2025

It is awesome to notify you that you can now apply for Safaricom part time jobs for student 2024 via their online career portal by following through the step by step process outlined in this article.

Are you a student in Kenya either doing your first degree, second or even master’s but yet have been searching for a job to attach to your study life?

The worry is over as you can now comfortably work in Safaricom while studying without any form of conflict. Would you like to explore the opportunities available? If yes, ensure you read this post to the end.

About Safaricom Part Time Jobs for Student

Safaricom been an outstanding telecommunication organization with exceptional goals to transform lives by connecting them to job opportunities and information has deem it fit to breach a major gap.

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In today’s world, both student and parents are of the opinion that it is possible to study and work fairly at the same time.

There are benefits to this act beyond finances, take for instance working with Safaricom and you’re studying computer engineering.

This simply means before graduates you’ve already possessed the relevant job experience sharpen for the labour market.

Having established that, the management of Safaricom recently announced open vacancies for undergraduates ranging from internship to part time jobs.

Requirements for Safaricom Part Time Jobs

Applicants are expected to have valid National Identity Card or Passport, be within the age bracket of 18-35 years, be result oriented, have a fair knowledge of computer software operations especially MS Word and be willing to adhere to existing work ethics.

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Student Part Time Jobs in Safaricom

Personally I have been there and i can tell you for free that working (remote jobs) while studying is one of the greatest invention of this century.

The good news about these jobs is that you do not have to study computer engineering or ICT related course to qualify for employment.

It get across various departments such as; Customer Care, IT and Technical Support, Sales and Marketing, Data Entry and Analysis, Event Planning and Coordination etc.

Let’s take them one after the other so you can a better understanding of what’s expected of you.

Customer Care

Just like the general knowledge of customer care you know, at Safaricom working as customer care entails that you will be attending to complaints or queries about product or services of the company.

The great thing here is that you do not have to physically be at the office because its a remote role and there are assigned time frame to carry out your duties.

IT and Technical Support

The IT and technical support post entails that you will help in troubleshooting the company’s system as well as installations and network infrastructure.

Definitely, this is not something you do every day as certain number of hours in a week could be assigned to it.

Sales and Marketing

Although this might require a little bit fo your time but you still do not have to physically be in the office as you can get things done at your pace.

This role involves simply promoting the services and products offered by the company with the conviction aim of patronage.

Data Entry and Analysis

This department is responsible for managing the company’s database like taking inventory, staff information and other necessary data to help the organization make informed decisions at all time.

Event Planning and Coordination

This attributes to logistics, venue selection and making preparations for training and conferences to be held. Off course, conferences and training are not held always which means you still have enough time for your studies.

How to Apply

To submit application for Safaricom part time jobs for students, proceed to the official website, head over to careers on the menu, select the position you wish to apply, fill and complete the application form, attach any documents needed and then submit.

In conclusion, applying for Safaricom part time jobs while studying is a good idea as you will gain relevant work experience, have earnings and can save from there and most importantly get exposed to real time organizational work ethics.

We hope the information and guidelines provided on this page is helpful, in case you have a question, quickly notify us via the comment section below.

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