Kenya TSC Recruitment 2024/2025 Job Application Form Portal

I’m excited to let you know that Kenya TSC recruitment for 2024/2025 is ongoing. Get to know more about the qualifications needed and off course the step by step guidelines through which you can submit application.

Talking about Kenya Teaching Service Commission recruitment, part of the vital information you must have includes; how to access the job application form, HRMIS portal login, the recruitment portal, know the starting and closing date.

Interestingly there are my major discussion on this page. Therefore, if you’re a graduate of Education or related academic discipline who would like to practice in TSC then the vacancies announced may interest you.

TSC Recruitment 2024 Application Form

The management of Kenya Teaching Service Commission (TSC) recently made a public notice that the 2024 TSC recruitment has commenced and the application form is out. Suitably qualified and interested candidates are to download the form at

However, looking from afar, it might seem easy to secure a role during the TSC recruitment process due to its transparency but the are tiny things most people overlook, as a result of underrating these factors, they get disqualified off the process.

We have explain some of these mistakes still in this article and recommend you take note of them to avoid falling a victim of such circumstance.

One crucial thing you must understand is that, you’re not the only applying for TSC jobs as there are hundreds to even thousand other applicants therefore you really need to be meticulous of the key requirements and focus.

Nevertheless, consider yourself lucky as you will be getting off this page with the necessary information that you need. So, before you continue to read on, take a chill pill to make sure you do not skip any line in this guide.

When is TSC Recruitment 2024 Starting?

Kenya Teaching Service Commission recruitment is starting precisely from Friday, 5th July, 2024. The body welcomes interested persons to submit application via the online recruitment portal on or before the set deadline.

Note that you can access the application form freely at but before you proceed with registering, consider knowing how to register, the available positions, the basic requirements, and other information as detailed on this page.

TSC Job Vacancies for 2024 Recruitment

There are multiple positions vacant in the Teaching Service Commission which mandates this recruitment exercise. It is recommended you go through the job vacancies and then decide on which you position you wish to apply.

Having said that, below are the available positions for grab in the ongoing TSC recruitment exercise:

  1. Junior secondary school teachers (internship)
  2. Primary school teachers (internship)
  3. Chief Principal (Regular Secondary School)
  4. Senior Principal (Regular Secondary School) (108 Posts)
  5. Principal (Regular Secondary School) (541 Posts)
  6. Deputy Principal II (Regular Secondary School) (547 Posts)
  7. Senior Lecturer I (T-Scale 12)
  8. Director, Staffing
  9. Director, Internal Audit
  10. Director, Teacher Discipline Management
  11. Deputy Director, Teacher Management
  12. Director, ICT
  13. Deputy Principal III (Regular Secondary School) (1057 POSTS)
  14. Senior Master III (Regular School) (1142 Posts)
  15. Senior Lecture IV (TTC)- 216 Posts
  16. Senior Master IV (Regular School)- 12,716 Posts
  17. Secondary Teacher I (Regular School) – 928 Posts
  18. Head Teacher (Regular Primary School) – (1049 Posts)
  19. Head Teacher (SNE Primary School) – Hearing Impairment (15 Posts)
  20. Head Teacher (SNE Primary School) – Intellectual Disability (10 posts)
  21. Head Teacher (SNE Primary School) – Autism (1 Posts)
  22. Head Teacher (SNE Primary School) – Physical Impairment (2 Posts)
  23. Head Teacher (SNE Primary School) – Visual Impairment (2 Posts)
  24. Deputy Head Teacher II (Regular Primary School) (1,930 Posts)
  25. Senior Teacher I (Regular Primary School) – 3,040 Posts
  26. Senior Teacher I (SNE Primary School) – 346 Posts
  27. Senior Teacher II (Regular Primary School) (10,819 Posts)
  28. Senior Teacher II (SNE Primary School) (700 Posts)
  29. Senior Principal (SNE Secondary School)
  30. Senior Master I I (T-scale 12 )
  31. Senior Master II (SNE Secondary School)
  32. Senior Master III (SNE Secondary School)
  33. Senior Master IV (SNE Secondary School)
  34. Secondary Teacher I (SNE Secondary School)
  35. Principal (SNE Secondary School)
  36. Chemistry/Physics Internship
  37. Kiswahili/ GEO Internship
  38. Maths/ BST Internship
  39. Kiswahili/ IRE Internship
  40. Maths/ BST Internship
  41. Biology /Chemistry Internship
  42. English /Literature Internship

Requirements and Qualifications Needed

Below are the basic criteria that qualifies applicants of TSC jobs eligible for employment. In ability to satisfy the qualification and requirements stated below leads to disqualification.

  • Prospective applicant of TSC jobs must be a Kenyan citizen with a legitimate identification document (s) such as National Identification Card, International passport or even Driver’s license etc.
  • Applicant must have graduated from a recognized institution in Kenya and also with your Certificate of Registration as a teacher.
  • He or she must have authentic evidence of service as a teacher intern.
  • A Diploma/Degree certificate and official transcripts are must have.
  • Other educational qualification such as KCSE, KCPE or its equivalent as well as other testimonials is an added advantage.
  • It is mandatory that applicants that are physically challenged must have the National Council of Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD) card.
  • Applicant must show an Affidavit sworn under the Oaths and Statutory Declarations Act, Cap 15 of the Laws of Kenya to explain the variance in names and must have a Letter of certification of results by KNEC.

Key Highlight

When applying for any job, there is what we call key focus. Despite the many things that might be said or required there are key variables which must not be joked with.

In the case of TSC recruitment, what you should focus on is; having a certificate proofing that you’re a member of Teachers Service Commission, be a graduate with either HND, ND or Degree, and then have a National Identification Card.

Once you satisfy these basics, any other documents or criteria you can add will only be added advantage as these are the core focus.

Would also like to apply for:

How to Apply for TSC Recruitment 2024

It is an easy task indeed to apply for the 2024 Teaching Service Commission recruitment if you follow the step by step guidelines below.

  • Commence your application process by visiting
  • Select an area of specialization/role.
  • Read through the application instructions.
  • Fill in your details in the given spaces.
  • Scan clearly and upload academic credentials with other required documents.
  • Submit your form for clarification.

TSC Recruitment 2024 Deadline

The deadline for submitting application for open vacancies is Thursday, 18th July, 2024. Only entries received on or before this date shall be reviewed and shortlisted candidates shall be contacted.


A single mistake filling the form online can lower your chances of securing a position during the TSC recruitment exercise. As such you always have to be careful and review your application before final submission.

Either way, the information shared with you on this page are the vital things you ought to note about Kenya TSC recruitment job application. Endeavour to stick to them and do not forget to ask other pressing questions if you have any. We will love to update you the more especially about the TSC shortlisted candidates, what you can do is follow us on Twitter (X).

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